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Unboxing : Canon EOS 70D, Best Camera For YouTube, Price? Why I Bought It? - Sushmita's Diaries

Further good news with the Canon 70D is that the LCD screen is on an articulating joint, and this makes it easy to view from a range of angles, whether shooting in landscape or portrait format. Wi-Fi connectivity is fast becoming one of the must-have features for cameras, and the Canon 70D does not disappoint in this respect. While the ability to download images wirelessly may not be all that enticing, the possibility of controlling the camera remotely using Canon's free EOS remote app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is a real bonus for wildlife photographers.

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Canon has also included a few features to enable more creative images to be captured with a Canon 70D - there's a built-in Speedlite transmitter, for example, which gives wireless control over multiple Canon Speedlite EX flashguns, a multi-exposure mode and an HDR mode that combines three images to create one with a greater range of tones. While it's disappointing that these can't be used when shooting raw files simultaneously, or when using the viewfinder, they can be applied post-capture in review mode, so it's possible to retain a 'clean' image as well as one with the filter effect.

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Before you buy your Canon 70D refurbished, there are some things one has to consider. Although purchasing directly through the manufacturer is an option, a price hike comes along with this option, even as it pertains to buying refurbished. So choosing a reputable online store e. Why Amazon. First off, they guarantee authenticity. With this of course comes many advantages and disadvantages one has to consider.

Canon EOS 70D review

Like anything, before investing in a refurbished camera, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Some of the advantages of buying refurbished include:.

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  5. Availability, prices, and specifications of all products are subject to change without notice. Actual prices are set by individual dealers and may vary. Disparity between AF methods may be small depending on lens used and shooting conditions. Disparity becomes greater when using older types of lenses. Possible to focus only on the image plane phase difference AF.

    It is one pixel in the sum of both for the two split normally. Phase difference detection is possible over the entire surface on the hardware because it is the same structure as full, but the periphery truncate the frame-like reliability of the information because the fall large influence of aberrations of the lens. Are not used for the time being in Kiss series computational load is large, because of the high cost still.

    I do not extend to the phase difference AF traditional, but it supposed to be a farewell to the live view slow in terms of speed. Using DIGIC 6, movies are recorded in the widely-compatible MP4 format, and can be played on a range of portable devices — providing the ability to share recordings quickly and easily with family and friends, without the need for lengthy file conversions. Interesting to see how this affects DSLR performance in future models.

    As yet, no recent hints of specifications. Looks good until you see the form at the bottom of the page where you can add details for updates. Last time I checked, not one person had scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see the data entry form Several core strategies have been pursued simultaneously for this:. Reducing the micro lens gap to capture all the light hitting the sensor.

    Only very minor improvements are expected from this point on e. Reducing the noise level of each pixel. Canon have made changes over several generations of sensors to achieve this, bringing the amplifiers closer to each pixel, changing micro-circuit configuration and lowering voltages so the sensor runs colder. Canon have one more big jump lined up, with low voltage cold running CMOS designs to gain at least an additional stop in lower noise at higher ISOs or long exposures.

    Better digital noise reduction. Canon believe they have made most of the gains possible via processing algorithms but do still have some areas to develop. The next focus will be faster noise reduction processing so that it does not come at an impact on frame burst rates look to the 1D3 replacement for example Pixel binning for high ISOs.

    A new technology enabled by the complexity and processing power of DIGIC IV where they can bin 2, 4 or 8 pixels together at the raw level and average out the noise between them. This is seen by Canon as a key technology in balancing very high resolution sensors in the 50mp range with low noise at very high ISOs. Right now they are not pushing this too much with the 50D so as to not create confusion in the market they see more potential for the technology as sensors get larger and in the pro-market. Increased image resolution — This is a newer strategy most evident on the D where they have changed the anti-aliasing filter thinner and closer etc so as to achieve a crisper image per pixel without loosing the benefits of anti-aliasing filter on diagonal edges etc..

    The 50D has the same technology. One further option for the future is for Canon to drop the anti aliasing physical filter and do it in a future DIGIC generation where there can be smarter allocation of colour values than the blurring achieved by a light based filter.

    Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera Body Only – Black

    Increased raw bit depth for improved dynamic range. Here Canon have made the jump to 14 bit and will move to 16 bit in their future sensor technology generations. Canon see the main usage of extra bit depth as providing the dynamic range to translate the sensor image into a printable or viewable image with a higher dynamic range. In other words mapping the 14 or 16 bits into an 8 bit viewable or printable image that mimics the dynamic range in the scene.

    Dynamic range preservation options — Canon are putting a lot of focus into how to provide the photographer with the best options for preserving the dynamic range of the original image in both a RAW file and the 8 bit JPEG. Canon are planning much more in this area, down to the equivalent of varying the ISO level across the different parts of the sensor when the image is taken easier in live view mode of course.

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    The same technology will allow a mp FF sensor to have 1 to 1. Canon are not going to watch market share be lost in the 1D range to Nikon and are actively planning to incorporate this technology in the 1 series as well, sooner than many might expect. Canon have hit the limits on light gathering but believe there is a good 1 to 1.

    The other technologies in the image processing, pixel binning, dynamic range preservation space are seen as all offering room for significant further improvement in the image delivered to the photographer. Canon have a vision where the imagine processing is so good that it is capable of transparently capturing the dynamic range of a scene and converting it into a JPEG in a way that for most consumers cuts out blown highlights and detail lost in shadow without further processing.