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Iam a member and I have already ordered las vegas advisor book trying to get two south point tickets for breakfast n show. Carol Mittman Sep My printer was low on ink and failed to print out the entire coupon, including the coupon itself and my name at the bottom. Is there any way I can reprint the coupon after getting new cartridges?

David Oct I had the same issue that Carol did. Didn't get the coupon printed properly and now I can't print it again. Maureen Nov Printer problem at home tried to print at the library, queue wouldn't recognize your coupon. Anyway to sent to an email instead. Thanks for resetting it but it didn't work? Any other suggestions? Could we come to the office when we get to town and pay for the printing?? Compkiwi Dec How can we take advantage of these offers if we don't have a printer?

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Sally Hacker Jan Are there going to be coupons for ? Also, the Printable Members Rewards all expired in so they need to be updated for , hopefully soon!

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Judy Vila Jan Tanya LVA Jan All Printable Rewards have been updated and are now ready to print. I am still trying to print the printable coupons.

Also my Members Reward book has not arrived yet and I'm leaving for Vegas in 4 days. Jerry Lum Jan I have clicked on the review button on Jan 5 for South Point breakfast coupon several times.


Nothing happened. Then today Jan 7 the Print Now option showed up. Clicked and message said I have already printed too many times. I tried again with same message. I have not printed at all. Any recommendations?

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  8. Pamela Jan Trying to print the coupons and not sure how to do it, and how do you join for the gold membership? Carol Mittman Jan With the wonderful renovations to the buffet area and all the "bloodys" you want , this coupon remains one of the best. There's a huge selection of delicious items, and even some lunch fare.

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    We've been customers at the Southpoint, and its buffet, for years, and just tried this breakfast coupon last December. Can't wait to return this year! Michael von Szczutowski Jan Do we need to turn these in with our email address on the coupon or can we cut those off?

    Sue Mattner Mar I switched to a different hotel desk to print, but the site now won't allow me to print message that I've printed maximum amt. Please assist in getting these vouchers. Thank you! Frank Mar Can you help? Hi same problem as other people, had an issue with printer, now can't print vouchers again.

    John Sullivan May Then if your ink is out or the printer jams you can reprint to your heart's content. Saved me many times with printer jams. William Jun I tried to print off the coupon and it say I already have. I just got my book in the mail the other day and this was my first attempt at it. What can I do to be able to print off?

    I picked up my book in las vegas in january I went into the printable coupons and it says join now I also went into my account and it say membership expired march We will be able to look into the issue quicker and get you an answer faster.

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    Mark Aug Hi, this coupon is honored anytime, which makes it convenient to go when you want. However, FYI this offer is available every Tuesday without coupon. Which just happened to be the day I was going to use my first printable coupon. We liked both pizzas, one meat and one vegetarian. Good luck everyone! Anthony Curtis Aug Good information. They told us the offer had been discontinued in all other incarnations.

    As you say, still good for 7-day convenience. Jody McEwen Sep Not sure why. Only tried once and it automatically says you have already printed it even though I only tried that one time. Please fix this, we are going to South Point soon. Healthy Salt Alternatives and Sugar Substitutes. Heart health continues to draw attention in the United States as more and more healthy diets are gaining popularity and foodservice establishments are shifting to accommodate them.

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