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Now you know who is cheaper on dog food between PetSmart or PetCo, will it affect your shopping behavior? Are you surprised or is this what you expected? Check back for our next price comparison when we shop to see whether PetSmart or PetCo is cheaper for canned dog food. Petco also has a price match guarantee so they will price match any store.. Not online prices they also take competitor coupons. Agreed, not a very wide selection of brands. And although some of my dogs do fine on Purina, two have allergies and feeding them a better food makes all the difference in their health.

And why are most of the ones on the list Diet or Weight Control? Is that really the most commonly bought type? And walk them, or run, a lot! Best thing for both of you. Cheaper for cheap food. I feed better quality dog food like Blue, Merrick and Nutro.

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I find some independents can beat both Petsmart and Petco. You feed less of the quality food to get the nutrition and your dog poops less because more of the food is going into making muscles etc and not waste. And by the way even veterinarians are not the best source of dog nutrition. I feel like I've been scammed. I will Never go to petco again. Businesses like petco won't last.

Just tried to return a dog collar that I bought online, I had the receipt with me that came with the package. Manager refused to refund with the original payment method as he said I needed a Petco loyalty card. I have never had one. He said you can't order online without one. I don't think so! So here I have a gift card to a store I don't want to shop at anymore. I usually shop at Petsmart and will continue to do so after this, which I told the manager. Store was N Nevada Ave.

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Colorado Springs, CO. Often times which is the case at petsmart for sure you can look up receipts by your membership card and have them print it out. Also many stores can look up an item by your credit card. Often times you will be able to get store credit without the receipt as well, as long as you talk to a manger.

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I just am looking for an answer. I've googled and looked all over the stinking web for a simple answer to my question!!! I bought 1 goldfish, 4 days later I wanted to know if they guaranteed their fish Yes I could call but not at work I have had a pretty bad experience with petco customer service. I had ordered online and the order never reached me. Calling them on thier helpline number takes hours to get through and when I got through, one of the customer care person hung up the call after listening to my issue.

Now I am trying to follow up with them for my refund, to which they said I would receive a mail on my refund processing that I haven't received since last 2 days. I will give them a benefit of doubt and wait for another 5 days, to wait for the refund, in case it directly comes in my account else would have no choice but to again waste my time calling customer care service. I have prescription food on repeat delivery.

My dog's vet changed the prescription food to another type within the same brand due to allergies. When I called to ask about returning the 2 unopened bags, I am told they must be shipped back to New Jersey, not in the store. I'm fine with that, but I am NOT okay with Petco making me pay for the shipping cost of 2 bags of This is absolutely frustrating!! I will not be making future prescription dog food purchases with Petco. I bought dog shoes for my dog at a local store and was not able to get them on my dog's feet. Since I had business on the other side of town I decided to return them to the store over their versus the store I bought them at.

The manager in the store refused to return them because the receipt I was given at the original store did not have the PetCo logo on the back. I asked if he could contact the store to confirm the purchase and he refused. Since I frequently or used to shop their all the time I asked if I could just get a store credit so I did not have to go out of my way to return at the original store and the manager still refused. Although my receipt looked just like all the other numerous receipts I had received just without the back print he still said my receipt looked like a "liquor store receipt".

I angrily left the register and walked around the store while I phoned the original store to see if they could help. When I returned to the register to confirm his name he explained that he was on the phone talking to them to see why they are using the wrong register tape REALLY he refused to call for the benefit of the customer but willing to call to chew out his counter part who he admittedly said was a new manager so much for team work.

After leaving the store and walking to the Petsmart in the same shopping center to buy the things I needed I decided it best to go home and gather the bags of items I purchased at that PetCo location and return them. When I returned with my items I asked the manager why this policy is not posted so unknowing customers could question a non-conforming receipt at the time of purchase and in his demeaning tone he explained that I should never receive a receipt like that In my opinion the new manager in the Lakewood, CA store Mark made an honest mistake while the manager in there Cerritos, CA store Tim feel short of the the PetCo code of ethics listed on their website.

Tim could have accepted my return and contacted the new manager Mark to inform him of his error so that he could correct it versus penalizing the customer. From now on I will only give my business to Petsmart. We try to return a filter that was in perfect condition and opened package but didn't accept without a recipt. We said they accept without a recipt and give store credit but no. Can i return water filters? I bought one today, and I put it into our tank but there is no way for the cord to leave the tank without the tank having no lid..

Instead of fighting and complaining about a policy you were more than likely aware of, just order a copy of the receipt, then return your items.

The stores are not independently owned and operated, so they have to follow the corporate rules and guidelines. Notice they scan the receipts when you return something.. Plus I imagine they need to draw the line somewhere as they take almost everything back with a receipt..

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They do a lot of good in communities so throwing a fit and disowning them for protecting themselves from potential fraud because you lost your lost receipt seems a bit overboard, no? Bought a harness for my dog, which broke several days later. I attempted to return the item to Petcio for an exchange. I was told no due to not having a receipt.

Who keeps extra clutter -like receipts anymore?

This is a ridiculous policy in I simply wanted an exchange- not my money back. I will drive an extra 5 miles and give my business to someone else before I spend another dime in Petco. I bought a harness for my dog and it rubbed too much under his arm so I ordered him one online instead. I had lost the receipt so I took it back to Petco and asked for store credit. They said no you have to have the receipt.

Wil only be going to PetSmart in the future. I always go to Petco for my dogs needs, so I bought a dog collar didn't fit so I ask if I could exchange it for a bigger size or if I was able to get my money back but I didn't have my recipe and they said no to both how F Petco you just lost one! What a ridiculous experience, I love to spoil my dog I shop at Petco often.

I purchased a harness Petco brand, Bond Co. I went to exchange this harness for a larger size and was told I needed a receipt or I couldn't even do that. Of course I could not locate the receipt. What a questionable policy. I will not be shopping with Petco anymore.

PetSmart has always been very helpful in all my pet care needs. Unrelated, anyone need a free harness?

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It's all yours. Two items. I was able to find them much cheaper else where.